Monday, July 22, 2013


Here is a photo of a partially stitched picture which when completed, will hang in my newly renovated bathroom. It is a circular design with another fish curved above this one. I took it from an image I found on the net. Watch this space for the completed work!


  1. you are so clever with your stitches, i wish i knew how to do embroidery like this - i've been looking but havnt found anything quite the same as what you do - if you ever decide to put out a book let me know! lol
    beautiful work, look forward to see what you do with the other fish :)

    1. I have stitched for many, many years since I was 6 years old & I am now nearly 75! It's my passion - always has been. Many thanks for the interest you show in my work.

  2. What a charming piece! The colors are so cheerful! I really like this piece.

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