Saturday, July 20, 2013


I spotted a pattern for this pincushion in Australian,"Embroidery & Cross stitch" Vol 20 no 8, which was designed by Helen Dafter.
I don't usually do a lot of other designers' work, but this appealed to me so here is my take on it with one or two alterations to the design. Helen used silk ribbon which I did not have in my stash so I used DMC thread instead. I made a curved door instead of a rectangular one, & added a curved window beside the door &  doorbell.
 The left side showing the wisteria vine of beads.
 Right side showing the curved window & doorbell.
Slightly off centre showing a bit more of the vine & garden with stepping stones.


  1. adorable - wisteria looks so pretty as well, nice touch with the doorbell :)

    1. The doorbell was an old earring which I have had for years & I came across it whilst looking for something else. It struck me that it made a good doorbell so here it is! I enjoyed this little project.